About Us


Mathijs Slee is a 36 year old automobile entrepreneur from Oostvoorne, Holland. He is the most experienced Africa traveler of the team, a former motor magazine editor and organizer of racetrack days. Mathijs can sell anything. On eBay he was once described as: “slightly mad, but great eBayer…”
The silliest thing Mathijs has ever done with a vehicle is:
Driving a right hand drive Citroën 2CV (a real bargain!) from a field in rural Portugal (where it had been parked for a few decades) to Holland without ever stopping, except for fuel.

Christoph Bangert is a 35 year old German photojournalist who lives in Uster, Switzerland with his wife and two daughters.
He once got stuck so badly with his 110 Defender in South America, it took a train to pull him out (true!). During his first B2B rally, he was convinced that a tunnel must be the answer to a seemingly unsolvable navigational problem in a remote corner of Morocco. The other team member (Mathijs) concluded that a severe case of rally fever was more likely what was at hand.
The silliest thing Christoph has ever done with a vehicle is:
Rolling and thereby totaling a new race spec VW Polo GTI at the second to last rally of the year while leading the race. The car had to be completely rebuilt (by Martin Kiefer) before the season’s last rally.

Martin Kiefer, 56, is an agricultural machinery mechanic from Schalkenmehren, Germany. He can fix anything from a tractor, to a snow cat, a Group-B MG-Metro and a wooden dhow that is floating with an engine failure in the Indian Ocean. He is one of the worlds biggest fans of genuine British Land Rover parts and often lovingly describes them as: “Shitparts” (for the insider, they are also known as Britpart).
The silliest thing Martin has ever done with a vehicle is:
Riding in a sidecar of a motorcycle to a rally in northern Norway. During winter. (Brrrrrrrr…)

Dr. Volkhard ‘Vox’ Bangert is a retired medical doctor from Daun, Germany who is not only the doctor, but also the patrón and manager of the team. Vox is a huge Ferrari fan and has his very own Ferrari-room in his house. Rumor has it that he let his wife wait to give birth to his son (Christoph) until it was the same day Enzo Ferrari was born.
The silliest thing Vox has ever done with a vehicle is:
Turning around because of navigational doubts during an amateur road-rally in 1975. Unknowingly he was leading the race and would have won it if he just would have pressed on. He never ever turned around again since…