via SMS – Feb. 7, 21:26 PM

Today we are spending the night in Assilah, a small town on the coast just south of Tanger.

We bought our tickets for the ferry already and will leave Tanger tomorrow night. Our arrival in Sete in southern France should be on the 10th in the morning, so we hope to be back in Germany at some time on the 11th. We are looking forward to the two nights and one day long romantic cruise on the Mediterranean.
We heard rumors of an all-you-can-eat buffet…..(!) We are still kind of starved from the rally, where the schedule was so tight that we simply had no time to eat and went days and days without proper food. Unless you call Snickers bars and Mauritanian cookies proper food…
So maybe the ferry company will not earn any money on us as we will eat our way back to Europe.

Christoph + Mathijs