via SMS – Nov. 2 20:51

Today we spend the rest day in Douz. This day should be renamed into “car repair day”, as all teams including us spent many hours fixing broken vehicles. The tracks are very hard on our cars but so far they are holding up extremely well. Land Rover quality…
So far we replaced one water pump, two panhard rod bushings, an axle bushing, two broken tires, one rim (due to a large stone that must have jumped into one of the team’s path and created huge dents…), one gear box mounting, and finally one brake light bulb. Martin and Mathijs were doing an excellent job.
Tomorrow we’ll drive another long and demanding special stage back to Ksar Gilane with a mix of fast pistes and large sand dune areas. at the moment we are on 13th and 14th overall position and 3rd and 4th in our class, which we are very happy with given that we never drove a rally as demanding as this one before. more information and pictures you can find here: