Today, we spent a long long day crossing Western Sahara from south to north. We are spending the night in a small hotel in Tarfaya, the tiny coastal town where Antoine de Aaint-Exupery was based as a pilot for the French mail service and is supposed to have written “le petit prince”.

We stayed in the same place last year, so this stop is becoming a rally tradition of sorts. We drove a long and boring 800 Km today fighting with the constant and strong head wind.

Another 700 Km is the program for tomorrow, all the way to Marakech. We will check out the city and will try to figure out our ferry connection back to Europe. The ferry to Sete in southern France that we took last year does not seem to run any longer, we heard that the company went bankrupt. We possibly have to suffer through some long and grueling days on Spanish and French motorways again. Our cars don’t mind the worst of stony tracks, sand, pot holes and dirt roads, but motorways they really don’t like.