Getting ready for the long journey home.

We completely re-packed our Land Rovers today, an operation that required several hours.
We also bought 340 liters of diesel and filled it in extra canisters as we don’t expect to be able to buy fuel in Senegal. The country is crippled by strikes and troubles related to the presidential elections.

Tomorrow morning, we will start our long journey home, a 9000 Km, 10 day long drive that will take us back through Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Spain and France.

We enjoyed our stay here in Bissau, a small and sleepy, but relaxed and easy capital. Unfortunately it proofed to be very hard to find a working internet connection here, so pictures will only follow later. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, congratulations and well wishes on this blog. Chiho passed them all on to us by SMS and we read them out aloud a the dinner table.

We’ll keep you posted.