Today, we had the Land Rovers washed,  changed the engine oil and all filters and started to prepare the cars for the long journey home.

We also finally had the chance to take proper showers with soap, hot water and clean (!) towels. We also had our laundry done, it’s scary to see how little clothes we used in two weeks. (four t-shirts in 16 days….)

The climate here in Bissau is tropical and hot. Maybe around 30 degrees. We spent an hour at the hotel pool this afternoon.

All four of us are completely exhausted from the rally, and we start to realize the dimension of our exhaustion only now after the race is over. We had many days that we slept only 4 hours at night and we drove for 10 – 18 hours each day during the last 16 days, often at break neck rally speed. The Budapest-Bamako Rally is a true marathon event and easily one of the toughest things we have ever done. Now, we are practically falling asleep while walking, but we also feel a sense of achievement , fulfillment and happyness. If you could see us now you would find four dead tired but smiling people, who just did something slightly crazy and know it.